UNRC UN-A6 Plus UNA6 1S-6S LiPo Battery Pro 8A Balance Charger

UNRC UN-A6 Plus UNA6 1S-6S LiPo Battery Pro 8A Balance Charger
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New Upgrade UN-A6 PLUS UNA6 1S-6S LiPo Battery Pro 8A Balance Charger Discharger


UN-A6 lithium battery charger with internationally recognized the highest efficiency "divided voltage charge" mode, the core circuit is composed of a built-in 6 separate for each battery monomer charging circuit, charging program algorithm combined with sophisticated, realize the lithium battery group "the true meaning of the balanced charge", achieve the best the performance of lithium battery power output and long battery life. You can charge the lithium polymer battery, lithium ion battery, lithium iron battery A123.

UN-A6 plus+ has arrived, this product is the UN-A6 plus upgrade edition. Support 1S-6S lithium battery charging, the charging current can be 8A. Shell and a liquid crystal panel have upgrade. Updated with photos later.

New features:

The new UNA6PLUS+ extension of the performance of the old A6 plus, and made the following improvements:
Using new algorithm, improve the efficiency of charging again.
Add the data set, charging voltage and charging current can quickly call, avoid complicated settings.
Join the battery, battery voltage can be balanced to set an arbitrary value, the maximum balance current 2.5A.
This product comes standard with a balanced port adapter plate.

The main characteristics of UN-A6:

Voltage accuracy: positive and negative 2mV, current accuracy: 0.1A, each battery voltage deviation just charge finished less than 5mV
– to 2S to 6S polymer lithium battery voltage charging
– and at the same time 3 2S lithium polymer battery group, 2 groups of 3S lithium polymer battery group and a 1 group of 6S polymer lithium battery
Input overvoltage, reverse connection reverse protection function, output
– six independent charging circuit without mutual interference, large LCD screen display various voltage and charging current
CPU detected a voltage reaches the preset value, the road to stop charging, overcharge the hidden danger of no
Maximum charging current of 5A (0.3A-5A adjustable)
– charging voltage can be defined by the user (voltage correction function, 1.5V-4.2V adjustable)
– lithium nanny extended interface
– automatic control gear of large cooling fan
Input DC 12V-15V / 12A

* the machine without switching power supply, need to buy. Suggestions 200W or 120W switch power supply.

How to choose the switching power supply suitable?

A6 demand for power is the maximum charging current is selected by the user to decide. For example: input voltage is 12V, the maximum charge current is set to 3A, the 6S battery charging, requires the output current of power to achieve: 3A x 4.2V x 6 / 0.85 / 12V = 7.41A, considering the power supply should not run at full capacity, rich power should be increased to 10%, so the power supply capacity of the application of science want to 12V/8A. Such as: the input voltage is 12V, the maximum charge current is set to 2A, 3S battery, the power supply requirements: 2A x 4.2V x 3 / 0.85 / 12V = 2.47A x 1.10 = 2.72A, recommend the use of not less than 12V/3A switching power supply capability.

Package Included:
1 x UNA6 PLUS+
1 x Balance port switching board

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