Gartt 1/18 F1-Go-Kart Car & Servo RC Car Parts

Gartt 1/18 F1-Go-Kart  Car & Servo RC Car Parts
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Gartt 1/18 F1-Go-Kart  Car & Servo RC Car Parts

Weight: 324g
Length: 190mm
Width: (F)129mm / (R)139mm (measured at edge of tires)
Wheelbase: 120mm (axle to axle)
Height: 139mm
Ground Clearance: 5~6mm
Tire Size: (F)26×15mm / (R)27×21mm
Parts Included:
1. Mini Go-Kart
2. Driver Model
3. Pinion
4. Zip Ties
5. Double Sided Tape
6. Spare Screws
7. Stickers
Parts Required: (NOT INCLUDED)
1. 18A Car ESC
2. Receiver/Transmitter
3. LiPo: 2S 800mah (31.5mmx30mmx60.5mm max size) 

The  GARTT1/18 Mini Go-Kart is a real blast to drive, with its low center of gravity
and ultra sticky TruRubber*tyres which keep the kart turning sharply.
A powerful metal gear servo is included with kart to keep the steering precise and quick,
while the non differential rear tyres lay rubber on each corner!
The entire floor pan is made of 2mm carbon fiber sheet which offers a very rigid chassis
and true race kart handling characteristics.
The wheels are alloy, as well as the steering arms and motor mount offering light weight durablility.
You will need a 18A ESC, an 20 size inrunner motor around 4500-4800Kv, a 2CH
transmitter/receiver and 2S 800mah LiPo battery.
Stickers are included, but the driver is unpainted so you can create your own race livery
on the driver.

TruRubber: TURNIGYs very own super-soft rubber compound that sticks to road
surfaces better than standard street tires.

Package Included:
1 X Mini Go-Kart
1 X Driver Model
1 X Sticker
1 X other Parts

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