Feiyu Tech Alpha Series α1000 A1000 Camera Gimbal

Feiyu Tech Alpha Series α1000 A1000 Camera Gimbal
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Feiyu Tech Alpha Series α1000 A1000 Camera Gimbal
Feiyu Tech Alpha Series α1000 A1000 Camera Gimbal
Feiyu Tech Alpha Series α1000 A1000 Camera Gimbal

Specification :

α1000 specifications

SONY A7s(16~35mm lens) , SONY 5100 , SONY RX100 Series (DSC-RX100M5 , DSC-RX100M4 , DSC-RX100M3) , α6000 , Gopro HERO5/4, Yi 4K Action Camera , Pana sonic LUMIX GH4 Camera and other similar size cameras of the total weight less than 1000g (including lens and other accessories)
Note: Since action cameras (such as Gopro HERO5/4 )don’t have 1/4 inch thread hole, please mount it together with Gopro adapter.
CompatibleSmartphones iPhone 6 , iPhone 6s , iPhone 7 , iPhone 6 Plus , iPhone 6s Plus , iPhone 7 Plus.Android Smartphone 4.7 inch~5.7 inch (working together with Smartphone mounting plate,which has 1/4 inch thread hole to be mounted)
Payload 150-1000g (including lens and other accessories)

18650*2, 2200mAh, 3.7V. (one positive side upward and the other negative side upward)
Battery could be charged from external power sources by Micro USB port (It is fully charged when the LED changes from solid red to solid blue), or charged by smart charger (LED in solid red indicates the battery is charging, LED in solid blue indicates battery is fully charged).
Usage Time In Theory
10 Hours (When camera is balanced well with gimbal)
Charging Time ≥5 hours, recommending using smart charger for charging the battery, 5V/1A input.
Controllable Range Tilting: 360°(Unlimited)
Roll: 360°(Unlimited)
panning: 360°(Unlimited)

Camera could be placed on the left or right side by moving tilting axis to the left or right. When moving the lens forward, we suggest placing the camera on the left side so that you can use interfaces for HDMI, shutter control, headphone, microphone and so on.

Balance Way
Moving quick plate back and forth to balance tilting axis in horizontal direction.
Sliding the arms of three axis to balance the center of gravity of camera, and then tighten the lock screws for three axis.
Power on/off Power on: Long press the function button until the indicator is in green and hear a beep, then release it.
Power off: Long press the function button until the indicator is in solid red and hear a beep, then release it.

Working mode and other operations

Function Button Operation
1 Single tap: Panning mode(Default mode), double tap trigger button to change from other working modes to panning mode, and gimbal reset to default position.
2 Double tap: Panning and tilting mode. Turning joystick left or right to control roll axis to move up and down (Roll:±30°), Pushing joystick up and down get no response. Entering panning mode by single-tapping in this mode.
3 Triple tap: gimbal can be rotated 180°in horizontal direction, working together with the function of manual lock, you can take a selfie or video from a special angle. double tap trigger button to go back to default position.
4 Quadruple tap: auto-rotation mode, perfectly fit for time-lapse. You can manually set the start and the end and the route of rotation in this mode. When setting is done, gimbal will be automatically rotated following pre-set route in constant speed, which was set in App before. The gimbal will be back to default position after finishing the movements,or you can exit this mode by single-tapping function button (Check more details in manual).
5 Quintuple tap: initialize the gimbal in order to get correct attitude parameters when it is not level or in abnormal status.
Note:The LED is in solid blue after quintuple tapping function button. The gimbal automatically detect whether or not it is placed on a static flat surface. Initialization will be done automatically (LED flashes blue three times to indicate initialization is done) once the gimbal has detected that it is placed on a static flat surface. Otherwise, the gimbal is keeping detect and wait. When initialization is done successfully, single tap function button to wake up the gimbal.

Trigger Button Operation
1 Long press and hold: enter lock mode when gimbal works in panning mode or panning and tilting mode. Release it to exit lock mode.
2 Double tap: reset the gimbal, it will go back to panning mode no matter what current mode is, and three axis are reset to default position.

Shutter button operations (shutter release needs to be connected)
1 Single tap: auto-focus, click again within 3s to take photos.
2 Long press for more than 3s to enter timed photography mode. The default setting is taking photos every 5 seconds. Interval can be set by APP. Working with auto-rotation mode, you could take photos from different angles (composing panoramic picture by computer). Single tapping shutter button to exit timed photography mode.
Other functions
Manual lock: Rotate the tilting and panning axis to any angle you want and hold for 0.5S, two axis will be lock there.
(Note: The tilting axis and panning axis can be manually locked in the lock mode, the tilting axis can be manually locked in the panning mode, and this function is not available in the panning and tilting mode)

Camera Control

You can make focus control ,take picture-control , timed photography with shutter button when connecting shutter release as standard accessory for Sony cameras (or other shutter release for Canon cameras)
(please refer to shutter button operations in the section of Working mode and other operations).
The position for connecting shutter release as shown below:
Feiyu Tech Alpha Series α1000 A1000 Camera Gimbal
Adjusting Motor Strength Automatic identification algorithm to detect weights of different cameras and produce right motor strength to match with them , so that the gimbal will automatically be in the best performance without adjusting the motor strength.

Operational Function
for the users

Initializing the gimbal
Firmware upgrading by computer (only supports Windows for now)
Setting the start and the end of time-lapse by hand (auto-rotation mode)
Tilting and panning axis could be locked in any angle by hand
Controlling focus and take picture-control of camera (shutter release needs to be connected)
Timed photography (shutter release needs to be connected)
Connecting Feiyu ON App for firmware upgrade, setting parameters and virtual remote control
Controlled by smart remote within 4m after making a connection with it

Extended Interface

There are three 1/4 inch thread holes for single handheld version of α1000 (one on the panning axis, one on the socket connector, and one on the bottom of the handle, as shown below)
Feiyu Tech Alpha Series α1000 A1000 Camera Gimbal
There are nine 1/4 inch thread holes could be found on α1000 with dual grip handle kit: four in the middle part of foldable arm, four on the two handles, the other one is on the socket connector, as shown below.
Feiyu Tech Alpha Series α1000 A1000 Camera Gimbal
(Both left and right handle) (Both left and right handle)
Weight 857g (not inclusive of battery, camera, lens and so forth)
Standard Accessories USB cable*1, 18650 battery*4, smart charger*1, thumbscrew*1, screw for camera support frame*1, camera support frame*1, adjusting clamping plate*1, Sony shutter release*1, FY general tripod*1
Accessories for dual grip handle kit: 1/4inch screw*1, cold shoe*1
Optional Accessories Smart Remote, tripod with a 1/4 inch thread hole (make sure it can bear the weight of α1000 and the camera), double-hand foldable set (flashlight, microphone and other equipment could be added on α1000 by cold shoe which is mounted on double-hand foldable set ).


All three axis could turn a full circle.
45 degree elevation design at rolling axis to insure the viewfinder screen will not be covered by rolling axis. Users can accurately compose the pictures without external monitor.
Payload range from 150gram to 1000gram to fit for many kinds of smartphones, action cameras,mirrorless cameras and lightweight DSLRs.
Easy to balance camera by sliding arms and lock screws.
Automatic identification algorithm to detect weights of different cameras and automatically match with them without adjusting the motor strength.
EVA anti collision foam added to panning axis to prevent damage to camera.
Controllable roll axis as a new highlight.
Triggle button to quickly enter lock mode and reset the gimbal.
Power on and off with a reminder of a beep, a sweet design for indoor or outdoor use.
Intelligent initialization to automatically check motionless desk and auto-complete with a reminder of a beep.
Detachable handle to freely switch in installation ways.
Double-hand set is foldable ,that make it easy to carry around.
Nine extended interfaces for a variety of compatible accessories.
Anti-slip design added to handles for better grip.
Intelligently follow pre-set route in auto-rotation mode, matching motion time-lapse or automatic shooting.
Control focus and picture of camera by one shutter button.
Get panoramic pictures pretty easily by configurable Timed photography function.
Quick upgrade, set parameters, reset and virtual remote control with APP.
Three main working modes fit for most scene.

Package Included
1 x α1000 Gimbal
1 x USB cable
4 x 18650 Battery
1 x Smart Charger
1 x thumbscrew
1 x screw for camera support frame
1 x camera support frame
1 x adjusting clamping plate
1 x Sony shutter release
1 x FY general tripod
1 x Accessories for dual grip handle kit: 1/4inch screw
1 x cold shoe

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