APM 2.6 Flight Controller With 6M GPS For Multicopters

APM 2.6 Flight Controller With 6M GPS For Multicopters
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APM 2.6 Flight Controller With 6M GPS For RC Multicopters

Item Name: Flight Controller
Version: 2.6

The main features of 2.6 version:
Wind estimation
Long term dead reckoning support
Wheeled takeoff and landing support
Optional new roll/pitch/yaw controllers from Jon Challinger
Includes both right angle and straight pins for I/O, allowing user to customize as needed.
Includes 3-axis gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer, along with a high-performance barometer
Onboard 16Mbit Dataflash chip for automatic datalogging
Invensense's 6 DoF Accelerometer/Gyro MPU-6000.
Barometric pressure sensor upgraded to MS5611-01BA03, from Measurement Specialties.
Atmel's ATMEGA2560-16AU and ATMEGA32U-2 chips for processing and usb functions respectively.
The 2.6 version will come with RC/Servo connectors unsoldered, you can choose between straight or right-angled ones, both of them are included.

Other changes in 2.6 version:
a new RECEIVER_RSSI_PIN compile time option, to allow you to display receiver RSSI via MAVLink. This should be useful for FPV flying.
an important fix from Jason Short for an erase bug in the dataflash. If you use dataflash logs then please erase them after loading this release to ensure the pages are properly initialised.
support for the new features in the new MTK GPS firmware
updates to the configuration parameters for the Mount code. If you use the mount code, then please check your parameters carefully, as some things have changed.
a fix to the JUMP command in missions, which solved a problem where the wrong command could sometimes be run
a fix to the initial yaw from AHRS when using a compass
new "OBC" failsafe code as a compile time option
new RST_MISSION_CH option
new STICK_MIXING option
support for dual stabilisation mounts (eg. one camera and one antenna)
removed old CLI switch and dip switch support
fixed a derivative filter bug that could have a small affect on AHRS attitude
fixed LOITER_TIME to match MAVLink spec (time is in seconds)
added FBWB_ELEV_REV option

The difference between the 2.5 version and 2.6 version:

version Similarity difference Usage
2.6 essentially the same board 
both run the same software
not including onboard compass sensor more suitable for multicopters.  
2.5 including onboard compass sensor more suitable for fixed wing aircraft

Manual 1, please Click Here!
Manual 2, please Click Here!
Manual 3, please Click Here!
Board schmatic and layout with EAGLE files,please Click Here!

Package Included:
1 x Flight Controller
1 x 6M GPS
1 x case
1 x wires set

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