5pcs Miraculous Insecticide Chalk Pest Cockroach Roaches Magic Pen

5pcs Miraculous Insecticide Chalk Pest Cockroach Roaches Magic Pen
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Description :

5 x  Miraculous Insecticide Chalk Cockroach Roaches Pest Bait Magic Pen
This miraculous insecticide chalk is highly effective, low poisonous. It can kills cockroach, ant, lice and flea etc.
It is a kind of contact insecticide. After touching the powder with any part of its body, the insect's nervous system will fail to function and it will die within 4-10 hours.

This product is safe for elder and children or pet, but you would better not let your children or pet to eat it  or touch it.
 Please don't use it on body directly. Wash your hand after use.

How to use :
1. The chalk is more effective to use at Night.
Draw several parakkel lines each  2 to 3 cm apart across the track, which the insect used to take or around the  insect's hidden lyingplace. The insect will be killed when it touches the powder of the chalk.
2. Draw two or three circles around the feet of the food cabinet, the bait for the insects or the garbage pile.
3. The chalk may be Cut into several  pieces before using. In drawing the lines, try to leave more powder on it so as  to acquire better result.
Package Includes :

5 x Pest Cockroach Medicine Killer Magic Pen
(Each bag contain 2 chalks, total 10 quantity)

Details Pictures :

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