100pcs 15x15x1mm Pure Copper Cooling Plate Thermal Conductivity Copper

100pcs 15x15x1mm Pure Copper Cooling Plate Thermal Conductivity Copper
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100pcs 15x15x1mm Pure Copper Cooling Plate Thermal Conductivity Copper Sheet

Material: Pure Copper
Size: 15x15x1mm (LxWxT)
Color: Purple
Weight: 200G

Made of pure copper,smooth surface, edge grinding smooth, no burr.
Its coefficient of thermal conductivity is as high as 401 w/mk, and ordinary copper is only 20-30 w/mk.
Recommended use: thermal conductivity and gap filling between graphics card and cooling module,improve the heat conduction,
reduce the graphics card repair rate.

Sharing Case:
HP DV Series Notebook such as NF6150, NF7200, NF7300 and G86 version, the repaired rate of graphics card is too high.Which one of the most effective way is to add a  0.3 — 1.5 MM copper sheet.

Because DV2000 series (includes V3000 series) between the GPU and heat dissipation module has a more than 2 mm gap.This clearance space, HP used a piece of heat conduction glue (blue) to fill out and thermal conductivity. However, because of the heat conduction glue working under high temperature for a long time, eventually lead to its aging and gradually lose heat conduction function.

Operation method:
Use a piece of copper covered on the GPU sheet to replace the blue heat conduction glue!
1) copper sheet size: 1.5cm length, 1.5cm width, 0.8-1.5mm thickness.
2) copper sheet should be smooth, do not bend, keep surface smooth.
3) the sequence of operation:
A. teardown (drawnet on teardown photos or teardown manual)
B. use silver thermal conductive silicone coating in GPU contact surface, and the top of the copper sheet.Copper sheet below doesn't need to besmear the silica gel.
C. the copper sheet cover on the GPU, and then cover your laptop heat dissipation module, and lock the screw.Please properly adjust thermal module balance, ensure that every chip and thermal module can contact well, so you can play the best effect of thermal conductivity.
D. with the new blue thermal conductive silicone cover another side, in order to strengthen its heat dissipation.
E.Please be sure to first clean the dust on the fan/cooling fins/cooling module, and then replaced.

Package Included:
1x Bag (100pcs)15x15x1mm Pure Copper Sheet

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